Wim Hof Method – Read On To Learn More

Wim Hof Method

If you are someone suffering from inflammatory diseases or autoimmune diseases, then here is good news for you. The Wim Hof method which is designed and taught by the man himself is believed to improve your general health and immunity by boosting your energy levels and stamina. This method can be practised by anyone who wishes to challenge the boundaries that we set for ourselves and to power up using our inner energy. Several experts are doing a wim hof method review to help you gain a better understanding.

As stated on leanhealth.club, Wim Hof method is a way to give intense mental and physiological training to help you explore your true capabilities. We will delve a little deeper into this technique. This method is conceived on three fundamental techniques. Let us try to understand each of them in detail.

Breathing techniques
This technique helps in oxygenating your system which in turn will alkalize your body. This helps in de-stressing and in gaining that sense of euphoria and well-being. You can do this sitting up or lying down. All you need to do is breathe in deeply and exhale as fast as you can. Repeatedly doing this will produce a distinct tingling sensation which is nothing but the result of your system drawing more oxygen. This breathing technique aids the release of ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins, thus becoming a natural method of stress release.

Stretching and exercise techniques
These activities are designed to help you unlock the full potential of your body. This method lets you tap into your primal instincts of survival by exposing your body to the harshest environmental or physiological conditions that you are capable of withstanding. It helps burn your fat quickly giving you a leaner, meaner body. It will also work wonders on improving your flexibility, balance and posture beside boosting your strength and stamina. His exercises also teach how to activate your body to calm down your mind. By removing the physical blocks that drain your energy, it revitalizes your entire system.

Cold shower therapy
Repeated exposure to cold is an important pillar of the Wim Hof method. It trains your cardiovascular system to improve your blood circulation. This cold therapy is designed as a technique to awaken the inner fire in you. The cold showers also help your circulatory system and reduce the inflammations in your body. Your sleep quality and immune system also stand to gain with this method. The cold therapy is also believed to increase the concentration of the brown fat tissue in your body which releases heat when metabolised. This, in turn, helps in burning your fat more efficiently.

The Wim Hof method is subject to several ongoing research programs. Its effect on the cardiovascular system and autoimmune system are widely studied to help develop a cure for autoimmune disorders and diseases affecting the nervous system. It has been found that people who practised this method with commitment are able to influence their autonomic nervous system at will positively. This can turn out to be incredibly great news for people suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

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