Benefits of Using Turapur Pitcher

61yei0rtvl-_sl1500_With the recent trend of several fatal health risks rising among the general public, everyone is on the lookout for ways to improve their health. A new water filtration device called Turapur pitcher has come out recently which is capable of producing hydrogen-rich water and thereby providing antioxidant benefits to the consumer. According to the Arizona Department of Health Diseases, there are several waterborne diseases that affect younger children as seen according to the report at The Turapur pitcher has been even described as a fountain of youth due to its innumerable advantages to keeping your body healthy.

The Turapur pitcher is used to create hydrogen rich water by simply pouring water into the top of the pitcher and then allowing it to pass through the filter. As the filtered water comes from the bottom, the consumer has access to water rich in antioxidants. Hydrogen rich water has been proved to have several health benefits by scientists. Some of them include:
· Enhances energy
· Reduces effects of aging
· Keeps the mind alert
· Improves digestion
· Regulates body temperature
· Reduces risk of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and also certain types of cancer

According to the claims of the manufacturers of the Turapur pitcher, the water undergoes a chemical reaction as it is passed through several mineral layers in the system. This chemical reaction causes a lot of free hydrogen ions to be released into the water thereby making it hydrogen rich with antioxidant benefits. These hydrogen ions are considered to be beneficial to the human body as they play a major role in balancing the free radicals in the body. These hydrogen ions also have the capability to destroy the cells that make the body vulnerable to certain diseases and illness.

Antioxidants have been consumed by the human body in the form of fruits and vegetables till date. With the introduction of the Turapur pitcher, it has made it a possibility to consume antioxidant-rich water as well, thereby improving the immunity of the consumer. Antioxidants are chemicals which interact with free radicals and prevent them from damaging a person’s cell system. Drinking water has always been advocated as a major way of staying healthy, by using a Turapur pitcher these health benefits are doubled in number, making it a win-win situation for the consumer.

Water poured into a Turapur pitcher goes through to particular stages before turning into hydrogen rich water. During the first stage, the water is passed through a filter which is made up of NSF- certified activated carbon. The first stage is responsible for removing any odor or bad taste from the water. Then the water is passed through the second layer which consists of “Ion Exchange Resin” which softens the water. This water softening process results in the removal of calcium and any other metal traces present in the water. During the second stage, the water is enriched by the addition of tourmaline, magnesium, and infrared ceramics. This causes a chemical reaction to occur thereby releasing free hydrogen ions into the water.

Even though the Turapur Pitcher is a relatively new product in the market, it is backed by scientific evidence and thereby a smart buy for health conscious consumers.