Trendy Versatile Water Rowing Machine For Stylish Rowing

11 With the advent of cool and technologically irresistible water rowing machine, it is time to bid a goodbye to the traditional clunky and noisy ones. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, depicted seamless victory in rowing last year, with their well-designed water rowing machine. A water rowing machine looks elegant as well as contributes to effortless rowing. The portals of innumerable depict the innumerable health benefits of utilizing a water rowing machine. The traditional rowing machine is soon becoming outdated owing to its old-fashioned construction. The traditional rowing machines make use of out of date air fan technology. This adds to a mechanical feel during rowing. The air fan technology adds to the bulk in the front which contributes to an obstinate rowing.

All about water rowing machines
The water rowing machines make use of a water-filled flywheel. The
water rustles around the drum of the flywheel. This kind of a technological arrangement replicates the exact rowing movement in the water. The flywheel imitates the subtleties of the boat moving in water. Thus, a water rowing machine gives you the real feel of rowing in water. The weight is equally distributed over a water rowing machine when compared to the traditional ones. The traditional rowing machines are bulky in the front and lighter at the end which adds to13 the heavy overall appearance. The water rowing machine has a sleek design that makes it perfectly apt to be accommodated in a home, gym as well as in the work atmosphere.

The water rowing machine is made from the sustainable woods of the Appalachian forests. Cherry wood, ash wood and oak are commonly used for the construction of water rowing machine. The water rowing machine can be stored in a vertical position within an area of two square feet. This makes it an ideal choice for an exercise machine. It can be stored in the living room or in the office cabin without any hassles. The rowing workout can thus be done anywhere and at any time. It offers a smooth gliding rowing experience that remains unmatched by the traditional rowing machine.

The mechanics on which the water rowing machine works are indeed remarkable. The resistance is well-achieved right from the beginning of the rowing movement. As the water rowing machine makes use of water filled flywheel it removes the need for dampening and extra resistance. The resistance increases with every strong movement. While the majority of the people consider, rowing is an exercise for shoulders and arms, it is time to change that notion. Rowing harder equates to moving your feet and legs as well. Thus, the water rowing machine works both the abs and the legs.

The power of the stroke essentially comes from the movement of the legs. The water rowing machine works 85 percent of the muscles and can be termed as a total body exercise. Ten sets of one-minute rowing at an interval of twenty minutes is an ideal workout for a day. A short workout can thus burn a lot of calories. The repetition of stroke also facilitates meditation. Thus, the water rowing machine is a beautiful choice for a long-term health investment.